The latest from the carousel:

Chicago Bears

What’s happening: They continue their search for a new general manager, which means Lovie Smith isn’t guaranteed anything.

What they’ll do next: Tim Ruskell, Ted Sundquist and Bill Polian are the top candidates that have been mentioned, with Ruskell emerging as the favorite. He’d be an in-house promotion, which might mean Smith will survive.

What they should do next: Polian’s a dinosaur. I’d probably prefer Sundquist just so that they might finally boot Smith.

Indianapolis Colts

What’s happening: They’ve hired Ryan Grigson away from Philadelphia to be their new GM

What they’ll do next: They’ll decide whether or not to fire Jim Caldwell.

What they should do next: I think they should fire Caldwell and start anew, but it’s a bit of a mess if they don’t find a head coach they truly believe can be “the guy” for many years to come. Irsay doesn’t want to meddle, but Grigson lacks experience. I don’t have a good feeling about what’s happening in Indy.

Jacksonville Jaguars

What’s happening: They’ve hired Mike Mularkey to be their next head coach. Case closed.

Kansas City Chiefs

What’s happening: They’ve removed the interim tag from Romeo Crennel’s title. Case closed.

Miami Dolphins

What’s happening: We should hear any day (or any minute) from Jeff Fisher, who is apparently quite torn between Miami and St. Louis.

What they’ll do next: Hire Fisher or settle for Brian Billick or Mike Zimmer.

What they should do next: If they don’t land Fisher, I think Zimmer would make a great first-time head coach.

Oakland Raiders

What’s happening: New GM Reggie McKenzie has fired head coach Hue Jackson.

What they’ll do next: Interview candidates to replace Jackson, likely starting with Packers linebackers coach Winston Moss, who worked with McKenzie in Green Bay. He’s the early favorite.

What they should do next: Hire Moss. I’m a big fan of coach-GM duos that can work together peacefully and happily.

Philadelphia Eagles

What’s happening: They decided to keep Andy Reid and Howie Roseman. Case closed.

St. Louis Rams

What’s happening: They’re looking for a new GM and head coach and are awaiting a decision from Fisher.

What they’ll do next: Hire Fisher or settle for a guy like Ray Horton (who appears to be their fallback). Continue to search for a GM (ass backwards).

What they should do next: I don’t really care what they do at GM, especially if they hire Fisher.

San Diego Chargers

What’s happening: They decided to keep Norv Turner and A.J. Smith. Case closed.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 

What’s happening: They’re interviewing literally everyone associated with the game of football. This has been the strangest and slowest coaching search in the league.

What they’ll do next: Interview Mike ZimmerWade PhillipsBrad Childress and Marty Schottenheimer. They already interviewed Jerry Gray, which satisfied the Rooney Rule. There’s apparently no favorite still.

What they should do next: Make a run at Zimmer or Mike Sherman and forget retreads like Phillips, Childress and Schottenheimer. I understand that they’re trying to find the Bizarro Raheem Morris, but let’s not overdo it.