Rex Ryan said last week that Brian Schottenheimer would be welcomed back to New York so long as he didn’t move on to greener pastures as a head coach in a place like Jacksonville.

Schottenheimer isn’t going to Jacksonville.

And he’s not staying in New York. (Unless he joins the Giants.)

On the same night that the Jaguars announced they were hiring Mike Mularkey to be their new head coach, the Jets announced that Schottenheimer would not be back anyway.

Oh, and within minutes it was revealed that Tony Sparano would be brought in to replace him.

Looks like Team GLS picked a bad night to go to the movies.

Officially, Schottenheimer is leaving by choice. But the timing indicates that he had worn out his welcome with the Jets. And if you’re a Jets fan, good riddance. During his six-year reign over Gang Green’s offense, Schottenheimer was one of the most overrated coordinators in the sport.

Over his six-year run, the Jets never finished in the top 10 in the league in total offense, but finished in the bottom 10 three times. Only once were they ranked above the No. 15 spot. Sure, Mark Sanchez and Shonn Greene have failed to live up to expectations, but some of that has to fall on Schottenheimer, who failed particularly badly with former fifth overall pick Sanchez after spending the first five years of his coaching career working with quarterbacks.

There’s no reason — other than hype and media glare — to explain why he was considered a semi-hot head-coaching candidate this offseason.

The potential problem: they’ve replaced Scottenheimer with the infamously thick-headed Sparano, whose game management wasn’t exactly his strong suit in Miami. He’ll be calling plays for the first time in his career, which scares the hell out of us.

Honestly, it’s like the Jets made this move just for us. They removed our least favorite coordinator in the league and replaced him with the man who used to be our least favorite head coach.

I’ve been wrong before. In fact, I’m probably wrong a lot more than I’m right. Still, I just don’t see this ending well for the Jets offense.