Paul Brothers has made two trips to the parking lots outside of Ralph Wilson Stadium to bask in the mix of dedication and depression at a Bills tailgate party this year. The first came back in Week 2 during the home opener, when the Bills were starting their usual early-season mirage. There was joy, euphoria, a grown and gainfully employed man dressed as the joker, and talk of the “P” word.

His second visit came long after reality had dealt another crushing blow in upstate New York. It was Week 15, and instead of talking about the “P” word, the most appropriate metaphor was provided by a tailgating fan who said the Bills are a beautiful women who’s always asking her good friend who will never be more than just a friend (you) to pick her up from her boyfriend’s house. You do it, hoping you’ll get a phone number, but it never comes.

Here are the rest of Brothers’ Week 15 adventures as he chronicles the always impressive passion of Bills fans despite the cold and losing. They pioneered a brand new way of Tebowing that involves a beer bong.