• Perhaps Hunter Hearst Helmsley was teaching the fine art of the suplex to the Giants yesterday, which wouldn’t be a good use of valuable practice time because that move has unfortunately been outlawed by the NFL. Same goes for the clothesline, and the sleeper hold is especially frowned upon. No Fun League indeed.
  • Dialing up a date in the NFL time machine and playing “what if?” is a fun experiment we often do around here. Scott Politi evidently enjoys it too, and he cranked the dial back just four years to 2008 and wondered what would have changed if Giants kicker Lawrence Tynes missed the field goal to win the NFC championship game in 2008. The answer? a lot.
  • New twists added to old plays were primarily the difference between the Broncos and Steelers on Wild Card Weekend, and Phil Simms thinks that pattern could repeat itself for Denver again this week.
  • The Chiefs will have to make a decision on pending free agent Kyle Orton. But if they choose to re-sign the veteran quarterback originally brought in to be the glass case KC broke during their injury emergency, then Matt Cassel is prepared to compete for his starting job, a job he’s never felt entitled to anyway.
  • Mark Sanchez has a support system, and it consists mainly of the same players who may or may not have ripped him.
  • The shuffling of positional coaches is well underway in Washington, and the latest hire is Raheem Morris.
  • Sure, Juan Castillo‘s inexperience played its role in the Eagles’ early-season collapses, but continuing to trot him out as Philly’s scapegoat is an act of blatant ignorance. The 700 Level gives the anatomy of a comeback, taking a closer look at the Eagles’ five fourth quarter choke jobs, results that were often far beyond Castillo’s control.
  • Stampede Blue acknowledges that due to the presence of Tom Moore, the Jets are a logical destination for Peyton Manning if he’s released and the Manning sweepstakes begin. But they also think there are only two options for Manning on March 8, and neither of them involve him being freed to be attacked by the league’s quarterback-hungry teams.
  • Robert Griffin III wore Barney socks to his press conference yesterday when he let the NFL know two things: he’s turning pro, and his first rookie hazing stunt damn well better not involve Big Bird.
  • I don’t rant often in this space, but this item deserves a quick angry digression. Somehow Tebowmania has killed our ability to actually read information, a skill that was already eroding on the Interwebs. As I write this, CNN is on as background noise. Sure, that’s my mistake, but their morning show had a quick segment about how Tim Tebow is the most popular athlete in the world ever. The latest poll to prove that is from ESPN, and it consists of just 45 people in all of America voting for Tebow. But that doesn’t matter, because 45 people equals three percent of the entire vote, and it puts Tebow ahead of KobeĀ  Bryant, Tom Brady, and Aaron Rodgers, a surfacey and meaningless percentage that’s more than enough to feed the Tebow machine. Sigh.
  • That came after reports that Tebow is apparently set to hook up with Katy Perry. What started that lunacy? A source telling a celebrity gossip website that Perry’s parents really like Tebow.

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  1. It’s a “poll”, not a “pole”.

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