• That looks delicious, but there’s no way in hell it’s out-selling the Nick Saban pizza at Joe’s Pizzeria in Alabama.
  • The Giants’ pass rushers are well aware of Aaron Rodgers‘ quick release, and know that if they’re going to make an impact this weekend speed is crucial. In the Week 13 game between Green Bay and New York, there was an average of 2.7 seconds between the time Rodgers took the snap and when he released his throw, and only 19 of the Giants’ 50 sacks this year came in 2.7 seconds or less.
  • The Packers’ wide receivers are a close group. So close that during an offeason bonding trip to Jordy Nelson‘s family farm last year, Greg Jennings did something to a cow that most people (or at least most city folk) don’t get a chance to do, mostly because they don’t want the chance to do it.
  • Robert Kraft might not be too fond of Tim Tebow Saturday night, but he still knows that the polarizing and unique Broncos quarterback is good for the NFL.
  • Bill Barnwell breaks down Tebow vs. Brady, writing that “these quarterbacks are going to manipulate the opposing team’s safeties so severely that success or failure in that task could be enough to determine the game.”
  • Playoff Tom Brady is a very intense Tom Brady, far more intense than regular-season Tom Brady, and infinitely more intense than scooter-riding Tom Brady.
  • The Saints stole Darren Sproles in August, and they’re paying their ideal replacement for Reggie Bush roughly $3.5 million per year over a four-year deal. The 49ers don’t think that’s fair, with defensive coordinator Vic Fangio saying that if that kind of signing was made in the NBA, the commissioner would have stepped in.
  • The Ravens’ quest to find their offensive identity this year was a gradual process. Now that they’ve found it, Baltimore Beatdown thinks any deviation from that identity would be unwise Sunday afternoon.
  • In the hours before the first playoff game in franchise history for the Texans last weekend, Gary Kubiak wasn’t cramming in some last-minute prep, or practicing his pre-game speech. He was at his father’s grave.
  • The Battle Red Blog is predictably elated after Wade Phillips pulled out and is no longer among the candidates being considered for the Tampa Bay head coach vacancy, speculating that Texans owner Bob McNair may have let Phillips know that there’s a monetary reward coming for his fine work this season.
  • Matt Flynn will clearly enter the offseason as the most desired backup quarterback who won’t be a backup quarterback for much longer. But for QB-needy teams that strike out on Flynn there could be another option who’s also currently a backup behind one of the league’s elite arms, and his name is Brian Hoyer.
  • Those who assume that cold weather (not bad weather, cold weather) affects the visiting team far more than the home team are correct in their no-brainer assumption. But just how far does that effect reach? There’s a chart for that. Several, in fact.
  • Sorry, Madden nerds, but your obsession finished fifth in the top five video games of 2011. Another lockout casualty?
  • And now for your listening pleasure, here’s the Red Heat podcast with their divisional round preview…

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