Alright, Green Bay, we get it. You’re called Titletown, and all year your world revolves around the Packers, except in January when it completely stops. You’re dedicated, passionate, obsessed, and for adventurous young women it’s commonplace to wear little more than a piece of foam to Lambeau Field, and not on your head.

All that is terrific, but there’s a point when obsession could become a fracture in the basic human mental psyche. No, that line isn’t crossed when you’re wearing fake cheese around your breasts and don’t, in fact, have breasts. It’s crossed when you’re one of over 1,200 people lining up at 4:30 a.m. outside of Lambeau to shovel snow.

The Packers needed help with some snow removal today, so naturally they called on their shareholders the people of Green Bay. The result of that call to action was a line circling around Lambeau in the hours of the morning that I wasn’t aware existed, and 800 people getting turned away.

The lucky 450 who made it inside Lambeau to do what most people hate doing in their driveway were paid $10 an hour for a job that took about four hours. Look, times are tough, and we understand the motivation to make a quick buck. We also understand that seeing Lambeau is really, really cool, regardless of the circumstances.

That novelty would wear off in about an hour, though, and then you’d realize that you’re shoveling snow in a large, cold stadium with wind funneling and bitter temperatures turning your limbs several shades of purple. Maybe I’m just a cynical jerk with little understanding of sentimental feelings and their emotional essence.

For at least one Packers fan, exercise was the motivation. (via the Green Bay Press-Gazette)

“It’s a great way to get some exercise and a few extra bucks,” said Shawn Connelly of Green Bay, who came prepared with several layers of thick socks and sweatshirts to keep warm. “I love getting inside Lambeau Field. … It’s a little chaotic at times, but you get in a groove after, what, three sections.”

So, to review, the gleeful people of Wisconsin were excitedly making snowmen at Lambeau today and lining up in the middle of the night just for a chance to make a contribution to a Packers win Sunday. Meanwhile, here in Toronto where the GLS worldwide headquarters are located, there was panic over a brisk snowfall that left maybe two inches of fluffy white stuff on the ground.

Our American audience may not know this, but snow in Toronto is a national emergency in Canada…