The Ravens haven’t done much grinding yet, and have instead been grinded by Arian Foster. Here are a few notable first half stats…

  • The Ravens had 129 total yards on offense in the first half, yet they still managed 17 points because of those two massive turnovers. On the other sideline, Arian Foster alone has accounted for 124 offensive yards.
  • Ray Rice is on pace for 16 carries, which is just shy of his season average (18.2). However, that average is skewed by the Ravens struggling to find their identity this year. There were five games when Rice fell well short of 18 carries, receiving as little as five carries in a Week 10 loss to Seattle. In those games the Ravens were 1-4, with Rice averaging 47.2 yards.
  • Joe Flacco has completed just 40 percent of his passes after finishing at a not great but still not pathetic 57.6 percent clip during the regular season. There’s still good news for Baltimore if he doesn’t find his accuracy in the second half. Flacco was below 50 percent four times in the regular season, and the Ravens still won three of those games.
  • Baltimore had the second best rush defense in the league, allowing an average of 92.6 yards per game during the regular season. That mark has already been easily eclipsed by Foster in just the first half, with the third-year undrafted free agent rushing for 95 yards.
  • But what’s far more remarkable about Foster’s running and Baltimore’s ineffectiveness against the run is the yards per carry. The Ravens are giving up nearly three more yards per carry so far today than what they did over 16 regular-season games (6.3 today, 3.5 in the regular season).