With all due respect to Green Bay and New Orleans (and Pittsburgh, who lost last weekend) we’re happy to see four remaining teams that haven’t been to the Super Bowl in the last three years. In fact, two of them haven’t played in the game in over a decade.

Also super-awesome: the storylines surrounding the four potential Super Bowl matchups are simply splendid. It was hard to rank them, because all four would kick ass, but we did so anyway…

1. Ravens vs. 49ers: Earlier this season, we had the first-ever battle of head-coaching brothers. Now, there’s like a 50/50 25 percent chance we see Jim and John Harbaugh meet in the friggin’ Super Bowl. As nauseating as that story would likely become, it would be as novel as it gets. This would also be one of the best defensive matchups in Super Bowl history.

2. Patriots vs. Giants: A rematch of one of the greatest Super Bowls in NFL history. Same quarterbacks. Same head coaches. New weapons in the New England passing game. New weapons in the New York pass rush.

3. Patriots vs. 49ers: Tom Brady would have a chance to match Joe Montana with his fourth Super Bowl against Montana’s former team — the same one that Brady cheered for growing up in San Mateo, Calif.

4. Ravens vs. Giants: Nice bookends here. Ray Lewis and the Ravens made their name for legendary defense in 2000, culminating with a Super Bowl XXXV victory over the Giants. Eleven years later, Lewis might have a chance to walk away by once again beating the G-men on the world’s biggest stage.