• As Timothy Burke observed, the Ravens cheerleaders really seemed to enjoy Arian Foster‘s, um, presence.
  • Yesterday’s game at Lambeau Field was filled with physicality and little finesse, and it didn’t remotely resemble a beauty contest. It was ugly at times, and as Gregg Doyel writes, no one does ugly like the New York Giants.
  • Throughout Wisconsin yesterday, today, this week, and likely every day until next fall you’ll hear an excuse that’s far too easy to pull off the stocked shelf of clich├Ęd playoff excuses, and is steeped in absurdity, and grounded in very little logic. Packers fans will say their team was rusty after the bye-week layoff, but as Yahoo’s Dan Wetzel notes, we’ve had plenty of examples to counter the rust argument in recent years, including a championship.
  • The Packers were defeated by a team that played far superior defense, and didn’t allow Aaron Rodgers to get settled in the pocket as often as he would have liked. The Giants are a dangerous team, just ask Tom Coughlin.
  • Rodgers likely woke up in a thick cloud of depression this morning. He should just call Miss America, who’s waiting patiently by a phone somewhere.
  • The great thing about Twitter is that it gives fans more access to their favorite players. And the awful thing about Twitter is that it gives fans more access to their favorite players. Fans often bombard athletes with tweets containing far too much profanity after a massive playoff loss, a practice that’s always been difficult to comprehend. Jermichael Finley faced the ultimate Twitter smackdown after his poor game: an un-follow. That’ll teach him.
  • The Giants’ 17-point win was the largest margin of victory by a visiting team that eliminated the defending champs, according to the Elias Sports Bureau.
  • Bomani Jones asks nine questions about the playoffs going forward, one of which touches on a reality few will acknowledge after this weekend’s results. But face it, you miss Tim Tebow already.
  • In his usual Monday morning interview with WEEI in Boston, Tom Brady heavily praised of his next opponent, saying that the Ravens have some of the best players in NFL history.
  • The Ravens were quick to dish out the compliments too, but they were directed at their Sunday opponent, with Ray Rice calling the Texans defense one of the best he’s seen all year.
  • No surprise here, but Saturday’s 49ers-Saints game was the most watched Saturday divisional playoff game since 1988.
  • Of course Vernon Davis‘ game-winning touchdown catch received the Tecmo treatment.
  • It’s rare that a non-playoff news item makes our attention drift from the elimination games at hand during a playoff weekend. But Sunday morning Kent Babb’s story in the Kansas City Star documenting Scott Pioli‘s dictatorship and his menacing Chiefs regime certainly had that effect.
  • In case you missed it, CNN gave an honest and thorough weather forecast for this weekend’s Lions-Chargers game that didn’t exist.
  • Hey look, Lee Evans still plays for the Ravens, and he made a pretty spectacular catch yesterday…

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