This man approves of Vegas' Super Bowl odds.

Offense is sexy, and Alex Smith still isn’t. (Metaphorically, of course. Anyone who can reel in a Raiders cheerleader must be doing something right).

Smith’s lack of figurative sex appeal combined with the fact that defense also carries little appeal is in part why the Patriots have officially taken over as the new Vegas favorites to win the Super Bowl.

Or maybe we’re thinking a little too deeply here, and New England is just really, really ridiculously good looking. released their Super Bowl odds today for the remaining four teams, and the Patriots are the overwhelming favorite:

  • New England Patriots: 6/5
  • San Francisco 49ers: 3/1
  • New York Giants: 3/1
  • Baltimore Ravens: 6/1

We ranked the best potential Super Bowl matchups and storylines last night. A Harbaugh Super Bowl will become nauseating by about the Wednesday following Championship Weekend, and the odds of that happening are slotted just behind a rematch of Super Bowl XXXV.

  • San Francisco 49ers vs. New England Patriots : 6/5
  • New York Giants vs. New England Patriots: 9/5
  • San Francisco 49ers vs. Baltimore Ravens: 9/2
  • New York Giants vs. Baltimore Ravens: 13/2

The Patriots are also powering the AFC as the conference that’s favored to win the Super Bowl (-135 to +105 for the NFC). Meanwhile, is working through the rankings for each of the potential matchups on Feb. 5, and if the people who wager paychecks are correct in their forecasting (and they’re usually pretty close), we’ll get a tight game no matter who’s playing.

  • New York Giants (-1) vs. Baltimore Ravens
  • San Francisco 49ers (pick) vs. Baltimore Ravens
  • New England Patriots (-3.5) vs. New York Giants
  • New England Patriots (-3.5) vs. San Francisco 49ers