We should probably ease up a bit on the Tim Tebow name drops now that he’s, you know, not playing a game of meaningful football again for eight months.

Also, the NFL offseason is busy and rife with bogus free agency rumors and watching young men lift weights, but once the draft is over in late April the dog days linger for three months, so there will be lots of time to amuse ourselves by laughing at columnists as they continually waffle on Tebow. We’ll need our savior more than ever then, although we’ll probably only mention his name a dozen times a week between May and August, as opposed to the 63 per week pace we’ve set over the past month (that’s probably only a slight exaggeration too).

But before we move on at least temporarily from Denver, Tebowmania, #Tebowtime, Tebowie, Tebow pretzels, Tebow cats, and Tebow dogs, let’s take a moment to send our best wishes out to the peon employees at a Wal-Mart who had to meticulously disassemble this carbonated beverage shrine.

Thanks, Busted Coverage.