• As Larry Brown Sports notes, the seeds for a clever and witty pop culture reference that’s related to a major sporting event in a local area are evident in the sign above at the San Francisco International Airport. The execution, however, is severely lacking.
  • If the speculation ever stops being just speculation and Peyton Manning joins his brother in New York, then Eli thinks that having more family in town would be a grand time. They’ll laugh joyfully while their kids play together, and maybe they’d even get twin beds.
  • While listing off the most talented players his New England Patriots will have to contend with this weekend, Dan Shaughnessy gives credit to achievements on both the silver and small screens by listing “the guy from The Blind Side,” and “the guy from ESPN’s 30 for 30.”
  • Baltimore Beatdown’s open letter to Ed Dickson reminds the tight end that he is not, in fact, a robot.
  • Football is a cruel game, and while it’s probably unwise to play amateur fortune teller, if two crushing injuries to Jay Cutler and Matt Forte don’t happen I likely wouldn’t be telling you about Mike Martz’s retirement right now.
  • Brian Schottenheimer is maybe, likely, probably becoming the Rams’ new offensive coordinator, which has a lot of people in St. Louis running for higher ground. However, Bernie Miklasz of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch doesn’t think Schottenheimer’s league-wide rep as a football mind who’s failed or at least plateaued is fair after he was cast as the Jets’ easy scapegoat.
  • Gregg Williams is leaving New Orleans to become Jeff Fisher‘s coordinator on the other side of the ball in St. Louis, and he’s doing it while Saints fans are still questioning some of his decisions during Saturday’s loss to San Francisco. That hypocrisy needs to stop.
  • Vernon Davis‘ game-winning touchdown that’s now been dubbed “The Catch III” wouldn’t have been possible without “The Block.”
  • Niners Nation looks back on Alex Smith’s six years in the Bay Area. It seems laughable now that just a season ago 49ers fans were chanting for David Carr.
  • It’s already that time of the year when we get to be entertained by draft prospects who are comically over hyped. So let’s meet Darron Thomas, the former Oregon Ducks quarterback who would like you to know that he can offer the same skills and results as Cam Newton. This is also the same quarterback who could go undrafted.
  • To further appease the draft nerds among us, here are Optimum Scouting‘s notes and observations from the Monday practices for the East vs. West Shrine Game.
  • And we end with one last look back on the divisional weekend that was with the Red Heat podcast…

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