If we get into the business of regularly highlighting the absurdity that’s posted by Colts owner Jim Irsay every hour on the hour on his Twitter account (and often multiple times an hour), then we’ll need a GLS intern. Perhaps we’ll start taking applications in the offseason. Salary won’t exist, but you’ll have access to an NFL sticker book that’s kept at our office cubicle, and as much free coffee as you desire from the office coffee maker that does indeed make free coffee.

Irsay is a highly entertaining and essential Twitter follow for NFL and music fans, two interests that breed passionate followings, and rarely intersect. Most of Irsay’s tweets are meaningless drivel that comes in the form of sporadic and random song lyrics, so the music freak trying to get through another work day steeped in mundane minutiae can play guess that quote. And they can do it while following a billionaire NFL owner who’s presumably broadcasting these tweets while making massive business decisions that may or may not involve the Mayflower moving company.

There’s rarely anything of consequence that comes from these tweets. Irsay does it for his own amusement, and the fact that he also happens to amuse over 99,000 other people is irrelevant.

However, sometimes there’s a song quote that’s so perfect, and so appropriately timed that we have to do our part to preserve and remember it on the Internet forever. He could delete it, and that would be a sad tragedy.

This is one of those times…

Cryptic or coincidence? Almost definitely the latter, but we can never be sure with Irsay’s mental jukebox.

He’s fired his long-time GM and hired a new one, and that young suit then fired Jim Caldwell. Eddie Vedder doesn’t approve, apparently.