• Nate Dunlevy of 18 to 88 eulogizes the Jim Caldwell era in Indianapolis, writing that although there were clearly many factors out of his control, Caldwell failed to show the proper level of aggressiveness. He didn’t know how to be the face of the organization either, never fully grasping media relations.
  • You know what dramatically increases a quarterback’s chances of breaking important bones in his body? Getting hit on nearly every drop back, and hit hard. That’s a lesson Tim Tebow learned while he added an injury to a long and extra painful insult during Denver’s loss to New England, as Adam Schefter reports that he tore cartilage on a rib, bruised his lung, and had fluid building up in his chest.
  • Injury or not, Bob Ryan discovered that even the faintest critical statement directed towards Tebow that’s grounded in, you know, facts and observations leads to an unprecedented flood of vitriol, and very little of it is actually connected to football.
  • The Internet has officially been saved from a pairing of Tebow and Tiger Woods at the AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am, but that doesn’t mean Tebow won’t play in the tournament. Organizers are still waiting for a response to their invitation.
  • Tebow responded to another invitation, though, and he won’t be joining the CBS panel Sunday.
  • The Patriots spent Tuesday doing what they do mindlessly every Tuesday: saying nice things about the opponent.
  • Patriots linebacker Rob Ninkovinch talked to Ian Rapoport about the challenges of hitting and containing short running backs.
  • The last time the 49ers and Giants met in the playoffs, a botched snap during what would have been the game-winning field goal led to a bizarre and severely depressing ending for New York. So depressing, that the man responsible for the errant snap still loses sleep to this day.
  • Not everyone is peaceful and loving in San Francisco, especially on game day.
  • People really like watching football, and therefore people also really like watching playoff football. Last weekend’s games were the most-watched divisional games, and the top four television programs lasts week. What finished fifth? More football in the form of the BCS national championship game.
  • A Wall Street investment banker shelled out $240,000 for a trip to Green Bay to see his Packers lose. Pushing aside his 28th wedding anniversary for this exercise in gluttony, the trip with his five friends included two waitresses, and 100 gallons of beer.
  • Between the New England tight ends and Vernon Davis, the presence of elite tight ends in this year’s post-season has made fans of non-playoff teams envious, and aware of a growing trend. Bear Goggles On knows that Chicago needs to address a problem at the position, but decades ago they had the original pass-catching tight end.

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