• The Mayans may have been right about 2012, because it seems we’re already reaching the Apocalypse if both major New York papers use the same headline, and show the same utter lack of creativity. This is a sad day.
  • Ladainian Tomlinson finally had a chance to speak out on the Jets’ turmoil during an interview that aired last night on Showtime’s “Inside the NFL,” and he essentially repeated what we’ve written several times regarding Rex Ryan. He said the Jets’ locker room is toxic, and the divide between Mark Sanchez and Santonio Holmes has grown to become such a deep chasm that he’s not confident the two can co-exist. But he also said that Sanchez and Holmes aren’t solely at fault for their inability to resolve a workplace conflict. Ryan created a brash, boisterous environment, and now he’s dealing with the actions of brash and boisterous young men who didn’t get their way, and are struggling to deal with adversity.
  • No one makes us both laugh and feel sorrow quite like Terrell Owens. I’ll choose to hang on to the good ol’ days in my mind, when Owens would beat up on DBs while playing in San Francisco and Philadelphia before beating up on his quarterback on the sideline. Now our last memory of Owens could be of him as an IFL receiver and part owner.
  • Thankfully, Owens’ legend lives on through his legacy as one of the diva wide receiver forefathers. But he was never a truly dedicated moron off the field like Dez Bryant, who was reportedly involved in an altercation with Lil’ Wayne over the weekend. Dez, if you’re near a dude who calls himself “Lil’” just back away.
  • Michael Vick will always be brittle, so being the Eagles’ backup quarterback will always be a massively important role as long as he’s still the starter. With Vince Young set to leave Philly as a free agent, Trent Edwards could fill that hole.
  • Terrell Suggs is doing something he rarely does. He’s choosing not to talk, or at least not to say anything that resembles trash talk after he’s asked about an upcoming opponent. His former instructors at Ball So Hard University are not pleased.
  • There’s a very good chance that just over two weeks from now we’ll be preparing to watch a rematch of the 2007 Super Bowl. The nightmarish season for Jets fans has already been further fueled by Tomlinson’s comments, and a Giants-Patriots championship game would induce severe depression.
  • It’s still early, and the weather is really just wind that blows everywhere. But if the forecast of showers Thursday through Sunday in the Bay Area is telling the truth, then the 49ers have already gained a sizable advantage.
  • Steelers offensive coordinator Bruce Arians might not be back next year.
  • Surely by now you’ve seen the video of Casey, the incredibly intoxicated Packers fan who’s solely responsible for her team’s early playoff exit because she was convinced to put sparkles on her fingernails. She probably shouldn’t be left alone now after Clay Matthews also blamed her and the sparkles.
  • Monica Culpepper is one of the contestants on the upcoming season of “Survivor,” the original reality show that actually still exists. That alone is awesome enough, but she lists her occupation as “former NFL players’ wife.” What are the required hours for that job? Does it pay well? And are there good benefits? We hope her boss is a nice man.

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  1. Has Mr. Ball So Hard turned over a new leaf, or is he just afraid he’s going to get embarrassed on Sunday?

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