• We’ll have more on this shortly, but for now just know that for the next three years a Rams “home” game will be played overseas in the land of tea and crumpets. Earlier this year Roger Goodell said he’d been talking to several owners and exploring the idea of having a regular London team, similar to the Bills and their deal with Toronto. Rams owner Stan Kroenke evidently liked the idea, and he’s also a majority owner of Arsenal.
  • Before we expand on the NFL’s more regular move across the pond we have to tell you about the other pressing and important news items of the day, like Bernard Pollard‘s thoughts on a hit that happened three years ago.
  • Or what happens when a Redskins blogger and fan randomly meets Mike Holmgren in an Arizona restaurant late at night and asks him about Washington’s draft plans.
  • You also need to know about the latest in the rift between Mark Sanchez and Santonio Holmes, because no one is getting tired of that heavyweight bout yet.
  • But most importantly, a man in a Patriots breast cancer awareness hat robbed a bank yesterday. Hey, every fan has their own superstitions before the AFC Championship Game. This one just happens to be illegal.
  • I enjoy any use of the word “conundrum,” like when the Boston Globe’s Shalise Young appropriately used it to describe the challenge facing the Patriots defense, with the Ravens both dangerous and unpredictable offensively.
  • There’s a level of intrigue about Ricky Williams that will never fade, making every profile of him required reading. The Baltimore Sun’s Kevin Van Valkenburg is the latest to look back on Williams’ odd journey that could include a Super Bowl trip in two weeks. Over a decade ago he wouldn’t even remove his helmet for interviews, and now he’s a locker room leader, and Ray Rice’s mentor.
  • The Dolphins’ search for a head coach is down to three candidates, and an announcement is finally expected sometime today, according to Omar Kelly of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel. Kelly suggests that the Dolphins should jazz things up a bit and hold an American Idol style final, with all three candidates first singing, and then maybe participating in the feats of strength. We approve.
  • Kelly also became the latest beat writer who follows a team that’s likely to enter the Matt Flynn bidding war to question the hype and buzz surrounding Aaron Rodgers‘ backup, calling the former LSU stud a “mutt.” That’s an odd, but not necessarily bad adjective.
  • Even if Peyton Manning is healthy, Jim Irsay will still draft a quarterback.
  • And we finish with a some Friday morning listening material courtesy of the Red Heat podcast and their championship weekend preview…

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