• While we were wrapped up in a rugged and entertaining NFC Championship Game last night, it seemed like Chip Kelly was preparing to sweep in under the cloak of darkness and become the Buccaneers new head coach. Although there was nothing definitive or concrete, multiple reports Sunday night indicated that a deal for Kelly to leave the Oregon Ducks was done.
  • But all Kelly needed was a good night’s sleep to realize that he’s built a powerhouse at Oregon, and moving to Tampa now wouldn’t be a wise career move. Early this morning he told Bucs general manager Mark Dominik that his “heart is with college football.”
  • If Peyton Manning is available, the Dolphins will reportedly be aggressive.
  • In other news that broke last night during our championship Sunday excitement that’s infinitely more important than the Super Bowl, Jay Cutler and Kristin Cavallari are expecting a child. Their offspring will be incapable of showing emotion, so gauging basic needs like hunger will be difficult.
  • If you missed Steven Tyler’s national anthem prior to yesterday’s Ravens-Patriots game, well, good for you.
  • Ray Lewis is having too much fun playing football, and he quickly slammed the door shut on any retirement talk immediately after Baltimore’s loss.
  • Kyle Williams told reporters that despite his lack of professional experience returning punts prior to last night (just five NFL punt returns), he felt confident. It’s a job he had at Arizona State when he fielded 74 punts.
  • Williams owned his mistakes, saying that the weather didn’t play a role in his overtime fumble. He was just trying to make a play.
  • It’s fine to be critical of Williams, as we were last night. Regardless of his age he’s still a professional athlete, and he’s aware that any job conducted under the heavy scrutiny of the public eye invites harsh words after a poor performance. But sane and normal people limit their words to Williams’ performance. There’s something psychologically wrong when a man’s life is threatened because of his role in the outcome of a football game, as it was by many moronic and twisted minds on Twitter last night.
  • With Ted Ginn out, the 49ers wide receivers were ineffective. Alex Smith threw in their direction nine times, completing only one pass for three yards.
  • Tom Brady didn’t accept any personal praise for tying Joe Montana’s record of 16 playoff wins yesterday. In his post-game press conference Brady said that he “sucked pretty bad.”
  • One more time, here are the highlights from a wild and messy NFC Championship game…

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