Boston sports fans should be immune to the false feeling of glory that comes with advancing to a championship game or round by now. Their Bruins won the Stanley cup just last June, and beyond that between the Patriots, Celtics, and Red Sox the city has held six championship parades since 2001.

So sure, you rowdy Bostonians should be excited after your football team reached another Super Bowl yesterday, but be chill about it. This is familiar, routine, and almost ordinary now. Have a couple pints, watch Boondock Saints a few times, and then call it a night and treat the morning after just like any other Monday. The real party will hopefully be in two weeks.

Employees at Gillette Stadium should be the shining example of this calm, cool demeanor. But at least one forklift operator is a rookie who needs much more seasoning and was distracted by visions of Lombardi this morning, which becomes quite clear about 50 seconds into the video below…

Super Bowl Bound: Foxboro :

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