• The major difference between the 2007 Patriots offensively and their current offense is obvious, but it’s still surprising when their increased use of tight ends is quantified. During the 2007 Super Bowl against the Giants, New England lined up two tights ends on just a third of their plays. This year during their Week 9 loss to New York, two tight ends were featured in a formation on 84 percent of New England’s plays.
  • Current Patriots coaches and players will spend two weeks telling you that 2007 doesn’t matter, and it’s now a memory. And former players will spend two weeks telling you that’s a lie, and that even though there are only a handful of players from that Super Bowl team on the Patriots’ current roster, revenge will still be a prominent motivational tool on Feb. 5.
  • When this game is finally played, Bernard Pollard won’t be a Patriots fan. The man who almost seriously injured Rob Gronkowski said he hopes the Giants “put a thrashing” on New England.
  • The Giants will be underdogs on Super Bowl Sunday, and Mike Lupica isn’t pleased.
  • It’s been a pretty busy week for the Mara family.
  • Of course there’s a Giants Super Bowl song using a popular beat.
  • And as seen above, of course “yo soy fiesta” shirts are now being sold.
  • There’s a lot of Boston College connections among the players, owners, and coaches going to Indy.
  • Brutal honesty from a coach is often appreciated, which is likely why Mel Tucker told Jaguars defensive lineman Terrence Knighton that he’s too fat.
  • Several black assistant coaches told Mike Freeman that they think some teams with a head coaching vacancy are blatantly ignoring the Rooney Rule. Freeman noted that after the coaching carousel finally stops spinning during firing/hiring season, we could see the largest drop off in minority head coaches in the modern NFL.
  • It was on a much, much smaller scale, but Ross Tucker was once a scapegoat too, just like Kyle Williams and Billy Cundiff. He lost sleep, and in doing so he also made his girlfriend lose sleep. And the play in question wasn’t even the final play during a Week 14 game.
  • I disagree with many of the words Mike Florio writes. Not his posts, just specifically his words, and sometimes the individual letters. But his take on the alleged creative clockwork by the Patriots is quite easy to support, unless you live in Baltimore and still find yourself in a state of delusion/denial.
  • And we end with a random yet incredibly unsurprising fact that’s not related to football whatsoever: Pat Sajak has hosted Wheel of Fortune drunk.

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