• If they’re given the choice between Peyton Manning and Matt Flynn, the Dolphins prefer Manning, and they haven’t even shown an informal interest in Flynn, according to a report from Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald. Evidently believing that the only piece holding them back from being legitimate contenders is an elite quarterback, Salguero writes that while there’s risk with both players, management is more comfortable with the risk that comes with Manning’s health because he’s a proven passer, whereas Flynn has only made a handful of starts.
  • Aaron Rodgers respectfully disagrees with Miami’s front office, telling a Milwaukee radio station that with Joe Philbin now in place as the Dolphins new head coach, Flynn going to South Beach “makes sense.” Rodgers also pegged the Seahawks as front runners in the Flynn bidding once free agency starts.
  • Robert Mathis and Pierre Garcon were pretty jacked about the Colts’ choice to hire Chuck Pagano as the team’s new head coach. Too bad both players will become free agents in March, and there’s a good chance they won’t play a single snap for Pagano.
  • The Boston Globe’s Shalise Young profiles Sterling Moore, the Patriots safety who made two key plays in last Sunday’s AFC Championship game, and only a few months ago he couldn’t walk through a Best Buy without being mistaken for an employee.
  • There are many storylines that will be pounded into the ground here and elsewhere until Super Bowl Sunday. That’s the annual result of having two weeks of feverish hype for one game. David Tyree‘s catch in 2007 leads that list, and he’s now writing a book, and serving as the director of a company involved in wealth management.
  • Again, we understand the obsession that develops around certain storylines during the Super Bowl buildup, and we’re just as guilty of it as everyone else. But do we really need injury reports from a practice that didn’t, you know, happen? Trust me, the Rob Gronkowski injury narrative won’t need any help to stay alive.
  • 49ers linebacker Larry Grant is a free agent in March, and he raised his stock significantly with his play while filling in for an injured Patrick Willis this year. He could end up playing for one of San Francisco’s NFC West rivals.
  • The Washington Post is celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Redskins’ last Super Bowl win in 1991 by talking to more than two dozen players and coaches for a series of in-depth retrospective stories. And 10 years from now, the Post will do the exact same exercise for the 30th anniversary of Washington’s last championship.
  • Mike Tice has exchanged information with Jay Cutler nearly every day since he replaced Mike Martz as Chicago’s new offensive coordinator.
  • Brent Celek walked away unharmed from an accident early this morning after being the passenger in a car driven by a drunk driver. Getting behind the wheel when you’ve had a few too many is one of the dumbest acts a person can do, but allowing that person to drive and getting in the seat beside them isn’t too far behind.
  • Joe Namath feels awful about his current relationship with the Jets. Here’s something to consider, Joe: stop ripping your former team then.
  • Let’s end with a photo gallery of all the girls the Gronk has been more than happy to pose with, which is the way every morning should end. Also fantastic: Gronk chillin’ with Shooter McGavin.

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