Fans don’t necessarily buy the jerseys of the most talented or skilled players on their team. They buy the jersey of the most popular player, and often the most popular and the most skilled aren’t the same person.

There are only a handful of kickers who have been notable enough to warrant a jersey purchase (Adam Vinatieri?). So I can’t think of any reason why a sane, logically-thinking Ravens fan would have wanted to buy a Billy Cundiff jersey before this past weekend, and I definitely can’t think of one following his wayward kick in the AFC Championship game.

But for the two kids out there who really want to reside in a garbage can for an entire school day and proudly wear their Cundiff jersey, we learned today that their oddly desired piece of team apparel is still obscenely expensive for a kicker’s jersey ($107), and there’s a special delivery method.

According to the witty and angry folks at, which sells custom NFL jerseys, anyone who orders their commemorative Cundiff jersey will have to wait for it to arrive at their neighbor’s house, the one immediately to the left.

Thanks, Sportress of Blogitude.