• Amidst all the idiotic death threats and Twitter hate Kyle Williams received from grown, adult men, it’s fitting that a seven-year-old wanted to reach out directly to the 49ers kick returner and offer words of encouragement through his old-fashioned, scribbled snail mail letter pictured above.
  • Devin Thomas insists that the Giants’ punt coverage unit wasn’t targeting Williams’ head.
  • We’re a few days away from officially being able to say that it’s Super Bowl week, but sadly we’re still seeing headlines about the Jets’ dysfunction and disarray, even though New York’s other team hasn’t played a game in nearly a month. This time the headlines have been generated by Darrelle Revis, who told Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News that Rex Ryan had no idea how deep the locker room divide went.
  • The other major non-Super Bowl headline we’ve read all week is the same one we’ll be seeing all offseason. It pertains to the situation of a certain Colts quarterback, and as Bob Kravitz writes, even those who were stubbornly clinging to the belief that Peyton Manning isn’t done in Indy are likely struggling with their delusion now. Manning responded to Jim Irsay‘s comments yesterday with more exclusive comments to Kravitz after the Colts owner called him “a politician,” and No. 18 predictably said it wasn’t his intention to create a divide or personal conflict with his initial comments earlier this week. I just used the word “comments” three times in that sentence. The word tossing in Indy is just beginning folks.
  • If Manning is released, his agent Tom Condon said he’ll “consider his options.”
  • Alright, so if we’re going to dwell on dramatics today, let’s at least return to the Super Bowl, a game that Chad Ochocinco might play in, but probably not. For the first time in his professional life Ochocinco has been humbled, and he told The Associated Press that he’s happy and wouldn’t change a thing about this year, but his competitive side is still angry.
  • If you think Lawrence Tynes was nervous before his game-winning and NFC Championship-clinching field goal against the 49ers last Sunday, try being his wife.
  • Filip Bondy thinks that with the Patriots’ seven-year run without a championship, this Super Bowl is Bill Belichick‘s last chance to prove that he’s still a mastermind, and that he hasn’t instead regressed to become “just another smart coach.”
  • I once had a conversation with someone who has a legitimately intelligent football mind, but they still truly believed that Trent Dilfer had a better career than Dan Marino solely because Dilfer won a Super Bowl. Sadly, that kind of thinking is far more common than it should be, even though the coach who won that Super Bowl with Dilfer says that you need an elite QB to win a title, and a QB doesn’t become elite just by winning one game, even if it’s the championship game.
  • Andrew Luck is arguably the most anticipated and hyped quarterback prospect in a draft since the man he’ll likely replace in Indy was drafted, which is why those in the agent business were puzzled when he selected an agent who has no experience whatsoever.
  • When he returns from Hawaii Ben Roethlisberger plans to spend some quality time with Art Rooney II, because after Bruce Arians wasn’t offered a contract he’s curious and worried about the direction of Pittsburgh’s offense.
  • Jerome Bettis was the kingpin of elementary school when he ran an illegal candy ring (1:40 mark of the video below)…

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