Stuff about the Super Bowl

  • Tiquan Underwood‘s hair and his retro flat top was already incredibly awesome before he shaved a Patriots logo into it over the weekend.
  • It’s still hard to believe that Julian Edelman could be covering Victor Cruz at some point Sunday night. But the Giants believe it, and they pointed to Edelman’s presence opposite Anquan Boldin during the AFC Championship game.
  • Rob Gronkowski‘s ankle was still in a walking boot when the Patriots landed in Indianapolis yesterday, guaranteeing that it’ll quickly become the most popular joint in the country for the next six days.
  • Filip Bondy of the New York Daily News provided a handy to do list for Giants fans who want to get a little touristy in Indianapolis this week when they’re not holding a brown beverage (or perhaps while they’re holding a brown beverage). High on the list is visiting the campus with the most confusing name in the country: Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis.
  • Will Leitch reflects on Tom Coughlin‘s quiet brilliance throughout his tenure in New York. By Leitch’s count, Coughlin has now been rumored to be fired about as many times as he’s appeared in the Super Bowl. A rare feat indeed.
  • Eli Manning mastered the art of the deep throw this year, throwing 16.6 percent of his pass attempts at least 20 yards.
  • Midwest Sports Fans ranks the best and worst Super Bowl halftime shows. I was never a Michael Jackson fan, but I still remember being shocked and amazed during his 1993 show when I was eight years old, watching wide-eyed as he teleported around the stadium. Later I was told that he was using a double, and my childhood innocence was ruined forever.

Stuff that isn’t about the Super Bowl

  • Jim Caldwell is an experienced quarterbacks coach who’s served in that capacity for 12 years at various stops during his coaching career in both the college and professional ranks, and the Ravens have a young, inconsistent quarterback. It’s an easy match, and one that will reportedly be made, with Baltimore hiring Caldwell to work with Joe Flacco.
  • It’s Monday morning of Super Bowl week, a time when the frenzied buildup to three hours of football Sunday night becomes far more frenzied, and stories that aren’t stories at all become massively overblown stories. It’s a wildly fun tradition, but we fear that Yahoo’s Michael Silver is right, and this year’s fun could be hijacked by Peyton Manning.
  • That’s going to happen when noted insiders like ESPN’s John Clayton keep reporting that Manning will be doing far more than merely not playing for the Colts again. Clayton told Amy Lawrence that Manning’s likely headed for retirement.
  • We understand that speculation makes the blogosphere go ’round, especially a week from now once the Super Bowl hangover subsides, and we begin throwing darts in dark rooms while trying to forecast the draft and free agency. But given his serious, career-threatening neck injury that’s healing slowly, it seems silly to keep throwing those same darts right now regarding Manning.
  • The Chicago Tribune’s Brad Biggs has the latest look inside the minds of NFL players as the fight against head injuries continues. The focus of that fight should be shifting from the actual injuries to the firmly embedded culture among players, trainers, and coaches.
  • Curtis Martin will be considered for induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame for the second time this week. In his moving column Steve Politi tells the story of Martin’s achievements in life that go far beyond the football field.