Very little that happens on Super Bowl Media Day deserves to be taken seriously. Reporters generally joke around with players who joke in return, and then once it’s all over both parties resume their normal roles, meaning respectively they keep redefining poor computer posture and preparing for the most important game of their lives.

However, even if they’re clearly said in jest, some comments from Media Day linger, mostly because they’re painfully true. This happened earlier today during the Patriots Media Day session, when Tom Brady was lobbed yet another predictable question, but this time it was from a unique source.

Mike Freeman of CBS sports detailed the brief exchange between Brady and an OCNN reporter. That’s of course the “news” outlet Chad Ochocinco created, and now it’ll likely be his only outlet to maintain relevance as his football career gradually fades.

The reporter pleaded with Brady to throw Ochocinco the ball, and Brady’s response was quick.

“Tell him to get open and I’ll throw it to him.”

Again, that comment was clearly said with a smirk. But without meaning to, Brady highlighted something we knew was coming, and it only became blatantly clear today.

Ochocinco is now more than just an afterthought during games. He’s a completely irrelevant figure, and the latter part of that evolution seemed impossible not too long ago.

Love him, hate him, or despise him, it’s undeniable that both on and off the field Ocho has been one of the most energetic, charismatic, and compelling personalities around the NFL. During the before time when he actually caught passes he was among the receivers who led the diva WR movement, using an end zone pylon as a putter after scoring and nearly including reindeer in a Christmas touchdown celebration.

Ocho’s legacy has spawned the likes of Stevie Johnson with his groin-shooting and plane-crashing post-TD antics. He’s a walking self-promotion, with over three million followers on Twitter, and a mouthpiece to call his own with OCNN. The league’s leading social media fiend has always been addict to himself, so this should have been the second greatest day of his career, with his first Super Bowl later this week only narrowly eclipsing Media Day.

In fact, just a few seasons ago it wouldn’t have been outlandish to argue that Ocho would enjoy Media Day more than the Super Bowl. Last year he wasn’t even playing in the game, and a crowd of reporters still circled to illuminate him with camera flashes as he posed with Ines Sainz.

This year he’s playing–or at least he could be after being benched in the AFC Championship game–and the circle of reporters was still there today. But they were on the ground, as Ocho and his meager 15 catches for just 276 yards this season stood still, looking miserable.

One of the NFL’s loudest mouthpieces isn’t even worthy of a Super Bowl podium.