Gagnon is on the ground at Lucas Oil Field in Indianapolis for Super Bowl Media Day while I hold it down here at the Worldwide GLS headquarters. He may or may not have already pissed off Deion Sanders, who had no desire to talk about himself for the first time in the history of Earth.

No word yet on if he’s fielded any proposals from a lonesome woman in a wedding dress who was turned down again by Tom Brady, but surely just by listening in on the various podium scrums he now knows each players’ favorite color, animal, action hero, and flavor of jello.

So he’ll be around with more from the Media Day madness a little later on this afternoon, but for now I’ll be passing along any notable absurdity from the day at Indy’s circus. Our first item comes from our favorite GLS sideline reporter, who snapped this picture of the inevitable Tom Brady look-a-like lurking in the stands.

C’mon, crazies of the Super Bowl, surely we can do better than this.

That’s a decent attempt at the vintage Brady long-haired look, but to properly portray the essence of hipster Brady a fishing hat handed down from Gilligan is required, and a grocery bag.