The boys at Epic Meal Time don’t care about menial Super Bowl Sunday details, like the winner, the game’s MVP, Madonna’s hip gyrations, or anything that doesn’t involve savage eating, and the consumption of Jack Daniels.

They care about getting drunk and emptying the bacon aisle. This is what they love, and this is their passion. Collectively, they are the Belichicks, Shulas, Lombardis, and Landrys of cooking animals, and doing it with recipes that also contain large quantities of alcohol.

An obscenely grotesque amount of bacon is included in every display of Epic Meal Time’s culinary chaos, and their Super Bowl creation is no exception. The Big Dirty Manningwich will take one half to eat Sunday, and one half to sleep off.

Any marinating process that requires large ziplock bags ends in the kind of meal that makes boys gradually mature into men with every bite.