So that's it then. I guess Gronk's ankle isn't a story anymore.

Stuff about the Super Bowl

  • It’s Super Bowl Media Day, the day when canned, generic answers are ripe and plentiful. Patriots center Dan Connolly was already practicing for Media Day yesterday, thinking of ways to break the string of clich├ęs and maybe also fool a few reporters.
  • The NFL will use one minute of prime Super Bowl commercial space to reach the mass audience with a message about player safety. It’ll be the first time the league has used its own ludicrously expensive ad space during the Super Bowl.
  • Bill Belichick‘s passion for coaching started when he was eight years old, and he sat on his father’s lap and watched as he drew up plays for the Navy Midshipmen. Jerry Izenberg explores Belichick’s relationship with his late father Steve, who planted the seed that would eventually grow into Bill’s borderline obsessive dedication to the game.
  • If you’d like to know what it’s like for a reporter who’s assigned to the Super Bowl and is immersed in the insanity for the first time, Mary Paoletti of Comcast Sportsnet New England would like to tell you all about it in her daily diary.
  • Paoletti isn’t the only first timer. Over 5,100 media credentials have been issued for this year’s Super Bowl and all related events throughout the week, which is the most in league history.
  • Gregg Rosenthal gives 11 reasons why the Giants can win Sunday.
  • And here’s your early Rob Gronkowski update before the madness of Media Day completely swallows the souls of everyone in Indianapolis. He’s not wearing a walking boot, which is minor progress, and he said it was removed for good yesterday. But as Mike Freeman noted, he’s still seriously injured, and the significance of his boot’s disappearance is difficult to gauge. It likely “means jack.”

Stuff that isn’t about the Super Bowl

  • We wouldn’t do something completely shameless and self-serving like link to ourselves in a links post if it wasn’t important. So in case you missed it, Gagnon relayed the latest on Peyton Manning’s still poor condition earlier this morning, and gave his thoughts on another report that hints strongly at the reality that we should be far more concerned about No. 18′s career ending, rather than focusing almost solely on his time in Indy coming to a close, and wondering where he’ll play next.
  • In an interview with ESPN’s Hannah Storm that will finally air in its entirety tonight, Jim Irsay said that he’s “not sentimental” about Manning’s future, which suggests that he’s prepared to face reality, and make the proper business decision.
  • This season we watched as Peyton Hillis gradually became a locker room cancer and was constantly injured, and we assumed we were also watching his final days in Cleveland. We thought he’d meekly depart as a free agent, becoming the latest to validate the Madden curse. We could be very wrong.

Lead pic via Mike Reiss