INDIANAPOLIS — Jason Pierre-Paul was originally a dominant basketball player, but then he broke his leg in high school and decided to switch to football. At Media Day, he was asked if sacking an opposing quarterback is equal to the thrill that comes from a slam dunk. “The adrenaline is pumping,” he said. “Like a sack, once you get one, you just want more.”

That got me thinking: Few of us really know how it feels to sack a quarterback. Touchdowns and interceptions and slam dunks are obviously rare, too, but most of us have scored in flag football games and dunked on one of those Fisher-Price hoops.

A sack is something completely different. It’s much more violent and physical, and it can devastate your opponent in a unique way.

I asked Pierre-Paul’s defensive teammate, Linval Joseph, to describe it to me:

New England’s Gerard Warren is a 10-year veteran of sack artistry, and he’s not one to showboat. He rarely celebrates. Here’s his less exciting take on the feeling:

Patriots outside linebacker Rob Ninkovich took things one step further, doing his best to relay to the fans how it feels to return an interception for a touchdown: