INDIANAPOLIS — Yeah, sorry for that. While the city of Indianapolis has been buzzing (it’s kicking Dallas’ ass), the media center has yet to attract any big-time celebrities for photo/interview opportunities. Although it’s entirely possible (likely) that I missed someone famous. Word is Adam Sandler will be in tomorrow, and Thursday and Friday are usually big days for famous people plugging products, films or albums. Or all of the above.

I can, however, provide evidence from my BlackBerry that Larry the Cable Guy has arrived in Indy. Hooray?

In non-cable guy news, there’s a zip line set up in the Super Bowl village here. Not exactly Costa Rican jungle, but the borderline balmy weather (by Canadian standards) makes the whole thing do-able…

That’s assuming, of course, that you’re willing to wait up to three hours for 10 seconds of thrill…

The players met with the media in the morning, and Rob Gronkowski was again the draw of the day, Tom Brady and Bill Belichick notwithstanding… (Chad Ochocinco was extremely late for that same media session.)

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