The Super Bowl

  • There are now Gronklings in Boston after an anonymous fan fitted the ducklings in the Boston Public Garden with Gronkowski shirts.
  • Gronkowski was a well-trained Belichick pupil during Media Day, repeating the same non-answer to the same questions about his ankle. But this morning his guard may have slipped just a bit when he said that he’s uncertain if his cardio has suffered while he’s been unable to work out as much as he typically does while preparing for a game.
  • Gronk also said he’s unsure about his status for today’s practice, and the possibility of wearing a special cleat will be discussed tonight with New England’s training staff.
  • Antrel Rolle kind, sort of had his Joe Namath moment yesterday when he said the Giants are “going to win this thing.”
  • Four years ago Scott Politi of the Newark Star-Ledger endured the pain of Super Bowl Media Day alongside Eli Manning, and the Giants quarterback hated every second. But yesterday Politi saw a far more relaxed Eli, and he was more than ready to answer questions from a man wearing a giant fuzzy hat who was parading around with a dragon puppet.
  • For the first time the public could access Media Day, and 7,000 people paid to be in the stands at Lucas Oil Stadium to watch from afar as football players answered questions with scripted clich├ęs. Which means that at least 7,000 people have far too much disposable income.
  • Last week, one of Madonna’s dancers was overheard saying that she would be “bringing the gay to the Super Bowl.” So logically, Slate wondered if Madonna would in fact be the first to accomplish such a feat, and Tom Scocca broke every halftime show down according to Alfred Kinsey’s scale of human sexuality.
  • College football is kind of a big deal in the southern states. This information is not a surprise to you, and it’s undoubtedly a tradition for some fathers to make sure their sons know the teams in the SEC at a very young age. Archie Manning didn’t have to do that with Eli, because Peyton did it by beating up his little brother.
  • If you haven’t seen Jerry Seinfeld’s Super Bowl commercial for Acura yet that includes a Soup Nazi cameo, you should fix that now, because it’s pretty fantastic.
  • Also filed under terrific things you need to see if you breathe oxygen: the vintage ad unearthed by Deadspin of Bill Belichick pimping a Starter jacket.

Not the Super Bowl

  • Brandon Jacobs is good friends with Plaxico Burress, so during Media Day he was asked about the chances of Burress returning to the smoldering mess that is the Jets for another season after his one-year contract officially expires in March. His response was predictable, and Jacobs said that Burress likely doesn’t want to be part of the Jets’ changes and turmoil.
  • Mark Sanchez could be Kim Kardashian’s latest NFL victim.
  • Dealing with a disgruntled Lance Briggs is one of the first tasks facing new Bears general manager Phil Emery. After looking at the contracts and age of the two players, Bear Goggles On thinks a straight-up swap of Briggs for Osi Umenyiora makes a lot of sense.