INDIANAPOLIS — The youngest member of the New England Patriots might be the only reason the team is in this game. When we spoke in Indy, we discussed that play for a moment, and then moved on to more important matters … such as cool toys and kids TV shows.

How many times have you been asked about that game-saving pass breakup at the end of the Baltimore game?

Can’t count how many times I’ve been asked.

Are you just giving the same manufactured answer every time now?

Yeah it’s pretty much the same answer every time now. I’ve memerized it. Trying not to think too much about that play and just move on but everybody keeps asking me.

Fine, I’ll move on. You turn 22 on Friday — you’re the youngest guy in this entire game. Only a year ago you were on campus at Southern Methodist. It’s too cliché to say, “How does this feel?” but how friggin’ ridiculous is this?

I dunno, I haven’t sat back and thought about it. I will, though, probably after this game. I’ll probably look back on the things I’ve accomplished this year. But people always remind me that I was born in the 1990s. Everybody around here is like, You’re just a kid and you’re making me feel old.

I can’t believe you’re born in 1990. When you were a kid, what was your go-to show?

Go-to show? Probably Power Rangers.

See, I’m four years older than you and mine was Ninja Turtles first.

My brother was born in ’88, so that makes sense because that was his go-to show. Mine was probably Power Rangers first.

And then after that, what about The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air?

It was on the end. I got re-runs of that.

What about cool toys? Did you miss out on the pogs crazy?

When I was in school Pokémon cards were big.

You didn’t do that, did you?

I wasn’t too into it. I’ll admit I had a few, and then just ended up giving them to my brother.

Do you take flak for being the youngest?

I got ripped a lot more in Oakland for being young. It was an everyday thing there. People here don’t know that I’m only 21, and when they do find out they’re surprised.

What happened to you at the rookie dinner?

I didn’t have to pick that (tab) up. But DB dinner last night — I did pick that up. But that was by choice, not by force.

I got some of the guys to describe what it feels like to get a sack. Tell me how it feels to get an interception. What goes through your head?

A lot of times, the first thing that comes to mind is, Oh crap, don’t drop the ball.

And then score?

Yeah, get up and run if I fall. And if I’m in the open, don’t get caught. Because I got caught back in college one time and it’s not a good feeling.

Were you bombarded by friends and family for Super Bowl tickets?

Yeah, definitely was hit for a lot of ticket requests, but tickets aren’t free and I’m not rich so I wasn’t paying for that.

You’re not rich yet.

Hopefully you’re right. Yet.