INDIANAPOLIS — I really don’t need to spend hundreds of words explaining this selection, because Sean Tomlinson, Joe Fortenbaugh, Laura Diakun, Alen Dumonjic and myself have already written over 60 posts and more than 20,000 words on this game.

Plus, it’s the end of the longest week I have to “endure” every year, and I’m so tired that I’m not certain I can still type, spell and edit.

So if you want an explanation for who I’m picking, please peruse the posts linked above and in the sidebar to the right, which literally preview the Super Bowl in every conceivable way.

The end result of all this? We’re going to have another close Super Bowl. I just can’t see either team coming out flat, or running away with it.

Both of these teams have glaring flaws to go along with rarely-seen-before strengths. The Giants have a better pass rush and a slightly better defense, but the Patriots probably have a small edge on offense. New York is extremely confident, but New England is surely thinking about revenge.

I’m sorry, I just can’t see Tom Brady and Bill Belichick losing two Super Bowls in a row to the same team. I love what Eli Manning’s done in the playoffs in recent years and I love the underrated Tom Coughlin, but I still think Brady’s the better quarterback and Belichick is the better coach.

Ultimately, I’m taking New England to win another Super Bowl by a three-point margin. That’s exactly the way in which they won three Lombardi Trophies in a four-year span less than a decade ago, and it makes a lot of sense here.

I apologize for the fact that this offers no help to those looking to bet on this game against the spread, but when I close my eyes I see two things: one is a vision of Kate Upton from today on radio row that is now permanently etched into my mind, and a the other is a game-winning field goal from the steady Stephen Gostkowski.

I can suggest that you bet the under, because I think that both defenses are better than most of us think. New England’s pass rush is vastly underrated and the Giants might have what it takes to limit the Pats’ scary tight end duo.

We’ll be back with some extra analysis and irreverence tomorrow, and will have wall-to-wall coverage from the stadium on Super Bowl Sunday, so please stay with us on the weekend. And if you feel the need to place a wager on the game in the meantime, feel free to take my advice and go with…Patriots 24, Giants 21

(Playoff record: 9-1 straight up; 5-4-1 against the spread)