Last year we weren’t officially told that Maurkice Pouncey wouldn’t play in the Super Bowl until late in the week, and that wasn’t remotely surprising after watching him limp around on crutches, and not participate in a single practice.

Two years ago on the morning of Super Bowl Sunday it was announced that Dwight Freeney would play. Freeney’s quick healing after his own ankle injury was a mild surprise, and so was his effectiveness for at least one half of football against the Saints when he recorded a sack before fading in the second half.

The subject of this year’s injury obsession has fed us far more optimism. But we knew Rob Gronkowski would be hobbled, and we knew the outlook would be hopeful, but still cautious when the injury report came out.

Now that’s official, and Gronkowski is listed as questionable. This changes exactly nothing.

Gronkowski practiced Friday and did so in a limited fashion, but so did everyone. With no practice tomorrow, today became a walk through, which is coach-speak for a light practice in which the speed of the players involved is often limited to a trot. Gronk was chillin’, trottin’, generally doing very little, and wearing a Yo Soy Fiesta shirt.

Even if it was at less than half speed, practicing at all is clearly much better than sitting, and this is the second straight day Gronk has participated. Earlier this morning Bill Belichick said that his stud tight end didn’t experience any setbacks after yesterday’s practice, and he’s continued to get treatment and improve.

But what’s vital here is that if this was just some nothing, mundane regular-season game, Gronk wouldn’t be playing. We know this because his Gronkowski’s agent Drew Rosenhaus said that yesterday, spilling those poisonous beans moments after saying that he didn’t want to get into trouble with Belichick. You should have just said “next question,” Drew.

So we’ve reached the point in the week when Gronk’s injury status is official, even though it’s felt official for days. He’ll play, but now we have to just hope that he doesn’t do his best Boobie Miles imitation.