The Super Bowl

  • If you just make a really big sandwich tomorrow, you’re doing it wrong. You need to demonstrate your supreme Super Bowl Sunday gluttony and your ability to consume multiple animals by building an entire stadium out of food. No, this isn’t just a half-baked idea, and the Gothamist has the pictures to prove it after they found the top seven stadium food structures already posted around the Interwebs.
  • Practice squad players have a vital role throughout the season, but it’s one that’s rarely acknowledged by the mainstream media until the standard in-depth profiles of Super Bowl week. The Giants practice squad players seem like they’re at peace with their sideline perch tomorrow, but to put in the same work as active players and then watch as they play out their boyhood dream must be painful.
  • Bill Belichick continues to be the master of the unconventional, using linebackers as defensive linemen in practice to help New England’s O-line prepare for the Giants’ pass rushers and their elite speed. They didn’t come close to replicating the size of Justin Tuck, Osi Umenyiora, and others, but speed was the focus.
  • Could there be another David Tyree on the Giants’ roster? Steve Politi lists the criteria for Tyree status and looks at a few possible candidates.
  • Tomorrow you’ll likely hear clichèd war references that have become embedded into our sports culture, with announcers talking about winning a battle in the trenches. Patriots punter Zoltan Mesko has lived through a real battle with real bullets, and if you haven’t read about him before, his story is pretty incredible.

Not the Super Bowl

  • Over three decades ago just prior to Super Bowl X, Clark Booth interviewed Cowboys and Steelers players for an article that was unique for its time, one that touched on the extremely damaging long-term effects of  football injuries. Joe Nocera of the New York Times spoke to Booth, who’s now 73, and other players featured in his story who are still limping and barely sleeping.
  • Ticket sales for the Rams’ regular-season game in London next year have officially been suspended while the organization tries to fix the tangled mess that is its stadium lease.
  • The 2012 Hall of Fame inductees will be announced later tonight, and Curtis Martin would love to be enshrined in Canton alongside Bill Parcells, the man whom he calls his father figure in football.
  • Parcells’ time in Miami during the twilight of his professional football career as either a coach or executive is seen by many as the lone significant blemish on his résumé. Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald disputes that notion, writing that although there were clear missteps by Parcells during his time in South Beach, the Dolphins are much better now than they were before he took over as the VP of football operations in 2008.
  • And here’s the full list of the 2012 Hall of Fame finalists.
  • Falcons general manager Thomas Dimitroff said he’s focused on signing about 10 of Atlanta’s 18 pending free agents.
  • Santonio Holmes and Mark Sanchez might go on a romantic weekend retreat to fix their broken relationship.