Four pregame thoughts

1. Sean Tomlinson gave us the news that Rob Gronkowski is active for the Super Bowl, but I can add that he looks good in warmups. I’m guessing Gronk will be/has been injected with somewhere between 11 and 17 different pain-killing substances.

2. I can’t say the same for Chad Ochocinco, who dropped a slew of passes while warming up. Ocho has never been considered to be a good practice player, but that’s not exactly a good omen.

3. I saw both teams around the dressing rooms, and the Pats once again looked looser than the Giants. I don’t necessarily believe that’s a good thing or a bad thing, but for what it’s worth, New England has seemed more relaxed this week than any Super Bowl team I’ve covered. The Giants, on the other hand, have exuded intensity.

4. The atmosphere is outstanding at Lucas Oil Stadium and in down the entire downtown core. This city has embraced the living hell out of this game, and that has seemingly rubbed off on visiting fans.