• Speculation is at its peak in the hours before kickoff after two weeks of exciting, but sometimes exhausting Super Bowl hype. The latest conspiracy theory relates to Rob Gronkowski and the most famous ankle in the world, as there’s chatter that Gronk may not have had an ankle sprain at all. Welcome to Super Bowl Sunday, kids.
  • I’m not sure what we’ll do tomorrow when there’s no reason to make gigantic logos out of pop boxes like the one seen above.
  • Same goes for people who like to burn things. What will they do once there’s no more football until next fall, and therefore no reason to burn effigies of Eli Manning? Even worse, what will they do if their team loses tonight?
  • The Giants are still embracing their underdog status and using it as motivation, even if they’re only considered marginal underdogs.
  • Some talking heads believe that if Eli leads his team to another championship today, the younger Manning may at least equal the legacy of his older brother, and possibly pass the rehabbing Peyton. The latter scenario seems far too reactionary and premature, but Dan Pompei of the National Football Post talked to three front office men who think the gap between Eli and Peyton will be much closer after a Giants win.
  • Tiquan Underwood will get payed as if he played in the Super Bowl, even though he was cut last night.
  • Most of the Superbowl commercials you’ll watch tonight have already been “leaked.” They’ll also be offensive to somebody, somewhere, but surely no one is offended by Adriana Lima trying to sell us flowers in exchange for a sexy time, right? Gentleman, the days when we could be guilt free while watching a supermodel say things that we’re not hearing are long gone.
  • Over the weekend at one of the many Super Bowl parties we learned that Erin Andrews really, really likes Brooklyn Decker.
  • Normal minds see the average price tag of $3.5 million for a 30-second ad spot in this year’s Super Bowl, and think it’s grotesquely obese. Business minds think it’s severely low, and that NBC could have done much better.
  • Here are random pictures of cute babies and small children in various states of Giants or Patriots fandom.
  • After a week of Peyton conflict, confusion, and endless speculation that nearly eclipsed the Super Bowl hype, Colts fans in the host city are now preparing themselves for another reality. As Bob Kravtiz writes, Indy’s arch enemy over the past decade could win football’s most coveted prize in the house that Peyton built, while the Manning entourage looks on from their suite high above the playing field.

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