A game that’s been scrutinized and analyzed for two weeks will finally be played, and for at least a few hours we’ll stop speculating about the future of Peyton Manning (maybe).

So please, join us in our live chat as we watch Super Bowl XLVI. We’ll laugh merrily as we’re fueled by a strict diet of Pabst Blue Ribbon and guacamole, and we’ll observe and snark throughout the game. Gagnon will participate from a room somewhere in the bowels of Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, and I’ll be running things while also ensuring that homemade salsa does not touch my Super Bowl party table.

We’ll discuss Gisele Bundchen sightings, Madonna’s fishnet stockings, and we may even talk about football. The festivities will begin at 6 p.m. ET, because we don’t want to miss the next anthem mishap.