We’ve spent every waking hour obsessing over three hours of football for the past two weeks. We did this because the game is our passion, but also because we run a football blog, and it’s our job.

But we’re well aware that tonight is about far more than just a football game. Super Bowl Sunday is a massive social event taking place in bars and living rooms everywhere, and we’ve already warned you about the 10 people you’ll meet at your party tonight. Remember, you have to spot the double dipper early in the evening to limit their damage.

It’s difficult for us to acknowledge this while we’re buried deep in the frenzied Super Bowl Sunday build up, but there’s an opposite end to our Super Bowl obsession. There are people who don’t care at all about football, and they have no idea who Vince Lombardi is, and why there’s a trophy named in his honor that’ll be given to the winner tonight. More importantly, they don’t care, and somehow they’ll have to fake their way through a Super Bowl party tonight.

Don’t worry, non-football fans, there’s an instructional video for that…

Thanks, Sports Grid