By all accounts the celebrating in New York last night was kept within the reasonable limits of tolerable human conduct, or at least it qualified under that label given what we’ve unfortunately come to expect after major sports championship wins and losses recently (thanks, Vancouver).

Sure, there were probably plenty of garden variety arrests after one overly-intoxicated douchebag thought his Hakeem Nicks jersey is better than the Hakeem Nicks jersey being worn by another overly-intoxicated douchebag, and a fight ensued. But from a quick glance through the many fan videos already on Youtube this morning, it looks like everything was pretty peaceful.

The streets of Howard Beach in Queens had much of the usual car horn honking, yelling, and profane words screamed at no one in particular. But they added a little extra flavor, because that’s how Queens rolls.

They set fireworks off in the middle of a street, the kind of street that’s quite open to traffic. Motorists were chillin’ and whizzing by as if it’s just another Sunday in Queens. Who knows, maybe it is.

The entire five-minute video below is worth a watch with the yelling and running between cars, but the pyrotechnics start about 30 seconds in, and again near the end.