Is Eli Canton-bound?

INDIANAPOLIS — Eli Manning has always been known best as “Peyton’s brother,” but it’s Eli who now has two rings, joining an exclusive club that includes only 10 other players.

Peyton Manning is not one of those players.

And while Eli has never been as consistent as your typical Hall of Fame quarterback, his peaks have been so high that it would be impossible to tell the story of the history of the NFL and the Super Bowl without including a chapter for him and his coach, who have now slayed the Patriots twice in five years.

The only other players who have won more than one Super Bowl MVP? Bart Starr, Terry Bradshaw, Joe Montana and Tom Brady.

Eli performs best on the biggest stages, which has to mean something. With his performance tonight, I’d have to believe he’s bound to be a Hall of Famer, regardless of what happens the rest of the way.

What’s really scary is imaging what could still happen. Manning’s already accomplished those feats at the age of 31.