• The Tom Brady face that Tom Brady made for NBC before the game last night was much different than the Tom Brady face he made while briskly departing with his supermodel wife.
  • Of course Flavor Flav greeted Tom Coughlin with a warm embrace as the confetti was still settling.
  • Here’s what we learned from USA Today’s Super Bowl ad meter: people love Doritos, and dogs who bribe cat owners to get said Doritos, but they hate renewable energy.
  • Yahoo’s Dan Wetzel documented the emotions of Brady as he sat silently in the Patriots locker room with a towel over his head, a broken man during one of the worst moments the game forces players to endure.
  • Gagnon wrote about this in a post earlier this morning (in our world, it was actually late last night), but here’s Mike Freeman’s take on the Belichick-Brady legacy, and the damage that was done by Sunday’s loss.
  • Mike Lupica thinks that Eli Manning is more than just a clutch quarterback, and he’s now one of the most clutch athletes New York has ever seen.
  • No columnist embodies the self-loathing of Boston quite like Dan Shaughnessy.
  • Actually, maybe that’s wrong, or maybe Shaughnessy just as a keen protege in Eric Wilbur, who easily took home the prize for the most petulant and whiny column of the night that’s so rife with errors in judgment and misguided statements that it has to be satire, right? Read Wilbur’s lunatic rant, and be sure to take extra time while reading the line that compares Brady to Jim Kelly.
  • The sports world barely sleeps on the night of the Super Bowl, so even though he posted his column in the wee hours, Wilbur was still ripped thoroughly.
  • As beat writers begin to roll out of bed with a vicious Super Bowl hangover this morning, one opinion feels unanimous on Twitter: the city of Indianapolis needs to get another Super Bowl.
  • Don’t kid yourself, you want to watch Puppy Bowl highlights.
  • Including last night’s game, a team from New York or Boston has played for a championship in at least one of the four major North American sports leagues every year since 2006.
  • Eight years after the infamous wardrobe malfunction and the hyper sensitivity that followed, we’re still dealing with incredibly stupid halftime performers. M.I.A flipped millions of viewers the middle finger when she appeared as a guest singer during Madonna’s performance, and NBC has since apologized. Keep being gangster, M.I.A.

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