It’s officially Day 1 of the offseason, and with the speed of the NFL calendar we’ll get just a few days this week to finish digesting and dissecting the Super Bowl before we turn our scrutiny towards free agency early next month, and the Scouting Combine that starts in just over two weeks.

We’ve also heard that there’s a decision looming regarding Peyton Manning.

So with that speed in mind, it’s appropriate that less than 24 hours after this year’s Super Bowl ended, we already have odds for next year’s game. Sometimes I wonder how future generations will view our gambling habits, and our desire to place a wager on an event that’s taking place 364 days from now. But in the future that moment of thought will likely be useless, because mankind will have mastered time warping, and multiple Super Bowls could be played during what feels like one day.

That’s the end of today’s GLS moment of philosophy. From, here are the 2013 Super Bowl odds, with last year’s champs leading, and the lowly Jaguars and Browns set to remain very, very lowly.

Green Bay Packers: 6/1
New England Patriots: 7/1
New Orleans Saints: 8/1
Philadelphia Eagles: 12/1
Pittsburgh Steelers: 12/1
Houston Texans: 12/1
Baltimore Ravens: 14/1
New York Giants: 15/1
San Diego Chargers: 16/1
New York Jets: 16/1
San Francisco 49ers: 18/1
Dallas Cowboys: 18/1
Detroit Lions: 18/1
Atlanta Falcons: 22/1
Chicago Bears: 30/1
Arizona Cardinals: 30/1
Miami Dolphins: 35/1
Cincinnati Bengals: 40/1
Indianapolis Colts: 50/1
Tennessee Titans: 40/1
Oakland Raiders: 50/1
Carolina Panthers: 50/1
Denver Broncos: 50/1
Kansas City Chiefs: 50/1
Seattle Seahawks: 60/1
Buffalo Bills: 60/1
Washington Redskins: 60/1
Minnesota Vikings: 75/1
St. Louis Rams: 75/1
Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 75/1
Cleveland Browns: 100/1
Jacksonville Jaguars: 100/1

The uncertainty still surrounding Manning made it difficult for the Vegas books to set the odds for a few teams. Of course there are also odds for where Manning will land, with the Jets favored (+350), followed by the Dolphins (+300), Cardinals (+200), Redskins (+250), and the Colts are far behind with slim odds (+700).