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INDIANAPOLIS — The Giants said all week that they didn’t want to talk about the past, and David Tyree’s catch and all of the eerie similarities between Super Bowl XLII and this one. But the comparisons were unavoidable.

And of course, the actual game ended up having a very similar feel to the one in which the Giants defeated the Pats in 2008.

In both cases, Eli Manning led New York on a game-winning drive in the final minutes, displaying pinpoint accuracy and grace under fire down the stretch.

In both cases, the Giants trailed heading into the fourth quarter.

In both cases, the game had less scoring than anticipated.

And in both cases, a borderline miraculous catch changed the game.

The man who made that catch in 2008 was Tyree, and it might have been hard for the Giants to completely move on from that moment with Tyree spending so much time around the team and media this week. He was of course in the dressing room after the victory, despite the fact that he’s not technically affiliated with the Giants anymore.

Here’s what he had to say…