• What kind of blogger would I be if I passed on a chance to lead a post with a picture of what Maria Menounos looked like after she lost a Super Bowl bet?
  • Also in fun pictures: Aaron Rodgers at the Playboy party with Shaq.
  • The second that a string of profanity in defense of her husband came out of Gisele Bundchen’s mouth during her post-Super Bowl sorrow, it was obvious that the Internet-browsing public would make sure her F-bombs exploded into a massive shaming. And that’s fine if you’re an entertainment reporter or columnist, because without celebrity missteps, those fine journalists wouldn’t be employed. But when writers who call themselves sports columnists are opining at length about Mrs. Brady, they’ve reduced themselves to a discussion so meaningless and frivolous that it’s on par with staring at a bikini-clad Maria Menounos.
  • For the record, Kristin Cavallari approves of Bundchen’s strong defense of her man…sort of.
  • Eli Manning wants to stop playing football, but his dad will only let him if he dies.
  • There were many fake laughs when Eli made his appearance on the Late Show with David Letterman last night, but they briefly discussed one topic that isn’t a laughing matter. Eli told Letterman that “everything’s good to go” with big brother.
  • It’s become clear over the past several seasons that there’s a disturbing anti-animal nickname trend developing in the NFL. Grantland’s Shane Ryan did some thorough investigative research and discovered that there are 15 teams with animals nicknmes in the NFL, yet somehow we’ve gone five years without a championship from one of those teams. The PETA letters should be piling up on Roger Goodell‘s doorstep.
  • The speed of the NFL’s calendar dictates that only a day after making a heroic catch, pending free agent Mario Manningham has to answer questions about his future, and he doesn’t have an answer yet.
  • Tom Coughlin isn’t planning on retiring any time soon. He has an intense passion for the game and drive as a coach, but beyond that his motivation for sticking around may be far more simple. Coaching is how he enjoys spending his time, even if he’s now the oldest head coach to win a Super Bowl.
  • Todd Haley is reportedly set to become Pittsburgh’s new offensive coordinator.
  • To the surprise of no one, Peyton Manning has said that he plans to meet with Jim Irsay this week. He’s made that statement twice, so now we’ll just wait for that meeting to actually happen.

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