By now you’ve seen the picture above of Rob Gronkowski knowing that we’re all here for a good time, not a long time, and drowning his sorrows on stage with LMFAO during the Patriots Super Bowl party late Sunday night/very early Monday morning.

Gronk’s offseason detox process involves intoxication, and little clothing. Realizing that it’s only six months until training camp starts, Gronkowski was sure to start his offseason training program in the first hours of his free time. That’s dedication to your craft, kids.

The pictures were good enough, but now there’s a video circulating. (via Barstool Sports Boston)

There are actually several videos, and they’ll likely all provoke the same reaction from Patriots fans still itching to find their scapegoat. They’ll say something about Gronkowski not caring, and that he must be indifferent to a loss in a massively important game if he’s bouncing around on the dance floor hours later.

They’ll also object to his grinding, noting that his ankle looks like it’s in pretty good shape while he’s gyrating with blond girls. And they’re all just being fans.

Expecting every athlete to sink into some deep, dark hole of depression that lasts for days after a Super Bowl loss (or even your standard playoff loss) is wildly unrealistic and absurd. That does happen often, and it’s exactly what Tom Brady did when he was unable to do much more than stare at the floor for over 20 minutes in the Patriots locker room Sunday night.

But Brady is 34 years old, and he’s married, and has a family. Gronkowski is a rich 22-year-old kid, and his personal time is any time that he’s not playing football, or participating in any football-related activity. He’s entitled to do whatever he wants with that time, and during the evenings he’ll generally act like a muscular athlete in his early 20s with plenty of disposable income, and the ability to pick any girl at the bar.

Wouldn’t you?