Don’t worry, he wasn’t hurt. He was just played to look like a damn fool, but really, when you attempt to climb up to a window that’s two floors up after being egged on by people yelling from said window, you know what you’re getting yourself into.

Or at least you should. Most building climbers at team rallies or parades aren’t especially intelligent, and forethought isn’t a particularly prominent skill. This guy quickly became the poster boy for such stupidity, but we’ll let the description from the Youtube video below explain the sad ballad of our little climber:

A Giants fan climbs up a building during the Ticker Tape Parade in an attempt to reach the window, from where a couple of people had been watching and encouraging the guy to climb up. Once he got up there, they shut the window and refused to let him in, and the poor guy was left hanging. He eventually fell and the cops arrested him. #Fail

Fail indeed.

We assumed that he wanted to get a better view of Mark Sanchez, but that’s incorrect, because a man claiming to be the climber commented on Busted Coverage‘s post to defend himself and explain his rationale.

Im the crazed fan you see in those videos and honestly my idea wasnt to go up that high I just wanted a better view. The crowd started getting me riled up and said to higher, and so I did. Was it foolish yeah but the Giants just won the Super Bowl and it was self expression. I do want to state however that I didn’t fall and land into the arms of police officers. I landed on my feet. Then was arrested. Hahaha however feel free to say what you all will call me an idiot or crazy you’ve got all the right to do so on the Internet.

It was just self expression, that’s all.

It’s also remarkable that his fall apparently wasn’t cushioned, and he landed on his feet and was unharmed. The anonymous climber seems to have discovered a skill, and now he has to figure out how to use it for monetary gain.

Window cleaning? Fear Factor? Cirque de Soliel?

Thanks, Busted Coverage