We’re a little late on this, but we care very little about that.

When you have an excuse to post a picture of a guy in a Patriots shirt pretending (or maybe not pretending) to be overly inebriated and passed out in the snow in front of a doghouse and amongst his various bottles, you do it.

Since the Internet demands that we acknowledge its ability to turn even the tiniest fragments of pop culture fodder into a never-ending mountain of absurdity that eventually becomes impossibly annoying, Bradying has been created, and it first surfaced yesterday.

Similar to Tebowing, Bradying is the act of playfully mocking Tom Brady through a pose in an interesting or funny location. The difference is that while Tim Tebow drops to his one-knee prayer position at least half a dozen times per game, the Brady pose that’s the subject of Bradying is much more rare.

Brady’s sunken-head look is reserved only for especially crushing moments, and Bradying was started when he struck this pose after being intercepted by Chase Blackburn early in the fourth quarter Sunday.

There’s already a site dedicated to Bradying, and the Bleacher Report declared the new Internet trend an insult to all things Brady, when really it’s just the Internet being the Internet, and a bunch of people with far too much time to stage stupid pictures are doing just that in a joking manner.

So basically, it’s been given the Interweb stamp of approval, and like planking, it won’t die until somebody nearly dies Bradying.