Just over a year ago, we brought you the urgent and horrifying news that Chad Ochocinco was ready to change his name back to Chad Johnson. Chad stated at the time that he had “done enough with the Ocho thing.”

But then he signed with the Patriots and became a role player and made a catch in the Super Bowl, all while carrying “the Ocho thing” like luggage.

Now, he is once again stating that a name change is in the works. And no, he’s not adopting the love symbol or becoming C-Diddy — Ocho is actually going back to Johnson, according to TMZ.

He fooled us with false threats of a change last offseason, so why should we believe Chad this year? Well, for starters, he’s getting married this summer and might not want to condemn his bride to a life with an improperly translated Spanish number as her surname.

TMZ reports that the bride-to-be, Basketball Wives star Evenlyn Lozada, is OK with either name. But Chad’s making the switch anyway.

Coincidentally (or not), this might also be the only time in which Ochocinco can go back to Johnson without having to pay up. Nike will take over for Reebok as the league’s official jersey manufacturer in April, which supposedly will provide players with an opportunity to change names and numbers without violating contracts.