As the Super Bowl fades in the rear-view mirror, we’re trying to broaden our perspective on what took place Sunday night in Indianapolis. The minute details were reviewed in the immediate aftermath of Giants-Pats 2.0, but now we’re left finding new ways to reflect as we await the Combine, free agency and the draft.

One very simple yet important thing to do: update the all-time Super Bowl standings.

With their fourth Super Bowl title, the Giants actually moved ahead of the Patriots on the all-time list. Now, New York has joined four franchises — Pittsburgh (6), Dallas (5), San Francisco (5) and Green Bay (4) — to become the fifth member of an exclusive group of teams that have won four Lombardi Trophies.

Based on the fact the NFL has had between 24 and 32 franchises over the last 46 years, any team with more than one title has fared better than the math dictates they’re suppose to. But any franchise with one or zero titles has fallen short of the mathematical expectations. The Giants and Patriots are two of eight teams with at least three titles, so they’ve both been wildly successful.

But the Giants now have an edge.

Now, many of us weren’t alive in the early years of the Super Bowl, so those championships won in the 1960s and 1970s don’t carry as much weight with your average fan. That’s where Giants fans have been particularly lucky — Big Blue has won all four of its titles in the last 25 years. Here’s a look at the Super Bowl standings in that time frame:

1. Giants (4)
T2. Cowboys (3)
T2. 49ers (3)
T2. Patriots (3)
T5. Steelers (2)
T5. Packers (2)
T5. Broncos (2)

In terms of success in actual Super Bowl games, the Giants now have the second-best winning percentage in league history, at least among teams that have made it to the game more than once.

1. 49ers (5-0, 1.000)
T2. Giants (4-1, .800)
T2. Packers (4-1, .800)
4. Steelers (6-2, .750)

What’s crazy is how different the history books would look if two incredibly close games had ended with the Patriots beating the Giants, rather than the opposite. Had the Patriots won those two games, they’d have the second-most Lombardi trophies and the second-best Super Bowl record. Instead, they’re now tied for the all-time lead with four Super Bowl losses.

Meanwhile, this marked the eighth time in nine years that a team with previous Super Bowl victories won the championship. Dating back to Tampa Bay’s win in 2002, the only first-time winner we’ve had was New Orleans in 2009. As a result, there are still 14 NFL teams that have never won a Super Bowl and four that have never even been to the game.

The only teams that have been around for all 46 Super Bowl seasons and haven’t won: Buffalo, Minnesota, Arizona, Tennessee, Detroit, Atlanta, San Diego and Philadelphia.

The only team that has been around for all 46 years and hasn’t even appeared in a Super Bowl: Detroit.