Something’s wrong with what’s happening in St. Louis. The NFL season ended 40 days ago, but the Rams still don’t have a replacement for Billy Devaney at the general manager position.

The ass-backwards idea of hiring a head coach before a GM is bothersome enough, but it’s quote disturbing that this process is taking so long. In the NFL, where there really is no offseason in front offices, there has to be more of a sense of urgency.

The crawling process is astonishing when you consider that the scouting combine is less than two weeks away and free agency is only four weeks away. Chicago and St. Louis were the only teams that didn’t have full-fledged front offices in place for the Senior Bowl at the end of January.

While I’m sure that whoever ends up getting this job is already prepared and in the know, it takes some time to get settled and get your ducks in a row with the rest of the staff.

This is just another piece of evidence that the Rams are putting all of their eggs into Jeff Fisher’s basket. Fisher was the hot-shot candidate of the coaching carousel last month, and he’s being paid the big bucks to revive a fledgling roster. His track record doesn’t necessarily indicate that’ll happen. And consider that, in Tennessee, Fisher was never the man in charge of hiring his general managers. The hierarchy is all out of whack here.

After a “short break” (?), the Rams resumed the interview process this week. They missed out on Ryan Grigson, who is now running the show in Indy, but a slew of names remain on the list, including Vikings director of player personnel George Paton and Tom Gamble, who plays that role in San Francisco. Seven other candidates have been interviewed, with six still available.

The lengthy process indicates that the team is either incredibly disorganized or incredibly disappointed in who they’ve talked to. Or a combination of both. Another sign of the latter? Word is they’re expressing interest in Pittsburgh’s Omar Khan, who would immediately become the most intriguing candidate for the job. Khan’s a bit of a prodigy in front office circles. He’s only 35, but he’s been the Steelers’ chief contract negotiator since the age of 24.

If this search has only been drawn out in some elaborate attempt to get to Khan (unlikely) or if the Rams finally stumbled upon his name after scrambling for six weeks (much more likely), then so be it. If they land him, maybe it will have been worth it.